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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

I picked this book because I heard that Emily Giffin was a great author. This was one of her brand new books out. I have yet to read her more popular books Love the one your with, Baby Proof, Something blue, Something borrowed. I do plan on reading them though. I really enjoyed Heart of the Matter. Heart of the matter, was another one of those books where each chapter is a different person talking. In this book it's only 2 characters, so very easy to follow along. Tessa the Wife and SAHM of 2, and Valerie the single mom of a small boy. They some how know all the same people yet not each other until Valerie meets Nick the hot doctor husband..McDreamy from what I gather!
You read to fall in sympathy and love with Valerie from chapter 1. She's a single mom. Valerie and her son go through some trauma and they are all alone. You feel sorry for her and even worse for the kid. It's hard to hate her for wanting more. This is as much as I will tell without ruining the book.
 Tessa. I feel like I could of been Tessa. She's a women who had a great career and ended it to be a stay at home mom. She has McDreamy for a husband that is never home and she feels overwhelmed. Tessa tries to be friends with the women in the neighborhood and fit in with the best schools. I went through such similar things these past few years. Back to Tessa though, she complains way to much and it annoyed me. She then becomes this forgiving wonderful person that I was happy to read she finally found happiness.
I really enjoyed the book I read most of it in 1 day.
Anyone else read this book? What did you think of it?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy {Halloween} Weekend

Today was full of Fall Festival aka: Halloween Parties at school today, I am so tired! We did games, crafts and watched Charlie Brown pumpkin show. "I got a rock" love it!
It did get me in the mood for this wonderful fun filled weekend though. We are sitting down with movies, popcorn and candy with the kiddos. I just love low key nights. I got invited to go out but thought this is a better way to spend my Friday night.
I wanted to share with you a few of my traditional Halloween weekend favorites first:

I haven't missed a Saw movie on Halloween in years. This year it doesn't come out for a few more weeks..cannot wait to go see it with the hubby.

Making something elaborate...no cake this year though. I made sugar cookies. Pictures to come just need the icing to dry.
I also love walking around the cold brisk evenings with a hot apple cider in a mug to warm the hands. I may have to do that this weekend on our new trail down the way.
Off to my family movie night! Happy Halloween friends!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Orange Hot Chocolate

In the spirit of Halloween, here is a great recipe for Orange Hot Chocolate! Perfect for a dessert for the kids or for a nice warm pick me up.

                                                             Orange Hot Chocolate
12 ounces white chocolate

8 cups milk

1 tsp vanilla

2 drops orange food colour

Whipped cream and sprinkles (of course)

Chop white chocolate and place in a bowl. Heat milk in saucepan over medium heat until in bubbles. Pour milk over chocolate. Stir until chocolate melts. Whisk in vanilla and food colouring, then continue to whisk until light foam forms on surface. Pour in mugs and garnish with whipped cream and sprinkles.


Credit via, you can also find this on Martha Stewart

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colorado Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we headed south out of the "Ranch" with the boys to go to the Colorado pumpkin patch. We have never been to one and I thought it would be fun. I got a great deal online so it put a fire under me to take the boys and do something different. To get us more into the fall spirit.
After only a short ride (we did get lost in a neighborhood) we finally found CO PP. We arrived and it was a LOT smaller than we had expected. The boys headed straight to the straw slide, while on the slide they saw a petting zoo. This petting zoo only had 2 sheep, 2 goats, and the cutest little mini llama, along with 4 bunnies, didn't keep our attention long. They also had a snow fence maze...Yeah I was a little confused on what that was until I saw a white stick fence poorly put together in a maze. It was falling down in some places and it was short. One half of the maze you couldn't even get out of, so you had to turn around and go back the way you came..Really?
We also did a kids hay bale maze with a small tunnel, that was fun for them. We got to watch mini pumpkins being launched, hay bale pyramid to climb and a tractor ride.
We ended up being there an hour and a half. It was cold, and windy and we were ready to leave. The "pumpkin patch" was a cardboard box full of pumpkins that you picked through and paid for.
I would say that if I had paid full price to go I would of asked for a refund on the way out! The small crap pumpkins should of been included in the price and that would make it worth it. This is one place I won't be going back to. I rather drive for over an hour and have a blast that do that again. But we did get a few pictures of the boys.
Who goes to a Pumpkin Patch as an annual event each year? Which ones are your favorites?

Girls Trip

Ok, so you remember back in September I went to Vegas with some girlfriends...I finally have a disc with our pictures. Not many of them turned out but here are my favorites I wanted to share.

 Claudia and I on our way out night #1 (we liked each other at this point)
 First stop Bellagio fountains to meet my dad. This was awesome!
 Nancy and I outside our hotel, 2nd day, we were out shopping and site seeing.
 View from our walk along the strip
 M & M World, we got lots of candy for the kiddos. This sign was made with all M & M's it was amazing.
 Night 2, Gardens and Dinner at the Bellagio. This picture was taken after watching a drunk person fall into the flowers twice. (Claudia is getting a little on my nerves now)

 Fremont street/Vegas Blvd. This place would be great at night. It was hot and I needed a drink!
 Ceaser's Palace shopping, show and lots of walking
 Fremont Experience...I was so ready to go home at this point!!!
Our final walk down the strip from Cesar's to Luxor. Of course one last look at the fountains.
Update: I have still not talked to Claudia since we got home from the trip. I have talked to my husband about going back to Vegas in the near future but this time with him. I will stay on the opposite end of the strip and I will attend some shows and maybe a nightclub. I want to have a totally different experience! But I do love Vegas!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Song of the Week: "Only You" w/ Matthew Perryman Jones

I don't watch to much TV, but I do have a select few that I do LOVE. One being on Sunday night called Brothers and Sisters, it's on right after Desperate Housewives. When I do watch TV I listen to all the songs and rarely do I end up finding out what the song is. But last night at the end of B & S I heard this amazing song. After doing a bit of googling I found Only You by Matthew and Lindsey Jones. This song played when Luc proposed to Sarah. I shed a few tears with this one...It just Fit!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just an update

I'm inside on a fall crisp afternoon relaxing after a long week. We are still on Fall break and it really has been a nice week off with my boys. I've come down with the sore throat and nauseous feeling so on Monday and Tuesday all I did was grocery shop and clean around the house. That's really all my energy allowed me to do, I even napped! OK only for an hour, on the couch, and while my kids were playing Wii next to me. But still I felt a little better after.
Wednesday we headed to the lovely, expensive Chuck E' Cheese with the neighbor boys. It was nice for me to chit chat with my friend and the boys had fun. We came home and I set up some educational games for the boys, we liked that. I did more organizing and cleaning of the basement. I sold our train table which will free up more room in the basement.
Thursday we went to one of the Rec centers with the neighbor boys again. We ended up being there for 4 hours! We raced home to shower and go to Soccer practice. Then for a nice treat we went to the Avalanche Hockey game last night. We took T's friend with us. It was so much fun. We arrived to find out we Section 1, 3rd row! We walk down to our seat and we are facing the goal and next to the camera crew. We got to see up close fights, guys smacking into the glass..and the 2 goals the Av's made. We also ended up knowing the camera guy so he filmed us on all the breaks. We saw ourselves on the big screen several times. T was so excited! After all that fun we then had T and friend sleepover in the living room while watching Diary of a wimpy kid.
When we got up this morning we did muffins and headed back to the pool. Today I only lasted 2 hours, then told the boys it was relaxing time. It's been super quiet now for over an hour. I should be napping :) I coughed a lot last night which gave me a headache, but today I feel better.
Tomorrow is T's last soccer game for the fall season. I'm glad and I'm sad at the same time. He is getting so good, the breaks in between seasons aren't good for him. He looses focus and skill.
After the game, awards and lunch we are headed to Colorado Springs. Colorado Pumpkin Patch has lots of kids activities and we will pick our pumpkins to carve. Looking forward to a family weekend of fun.
Be sure to stop by for the pictures. I've so many on my camera I just need to download them. I should even be getting my Vegas pictures up in the next day too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gossip Girls's loving couple

As previous post I've said that I just love Gossip Girl, it airs on Monday nights. I'm not sure where the show is going this season with the drama that unfolds every episode but it sure has my attention. As much as I love the drama between Blair and Chuck at the same time I just want them to be together! I found this photo and just love it.

Now, don't they just look like the perfect couple? I also just love the outfits the show puts B and S in every week. If I could afford it trust me I would!
I don't know who this girl is that's dating Nate to get even with Serena but I'm not sure if I like her yet. This last Monday the show was a repeat and I was so bummed. I had a warm blanket and cookies ready for a night of quiet drama...Hopefully next monday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tom Bosley Dies

Tom Bosley dies this morning from natural causes. We all know Tom from Happy Days. Unfortunately this isn't a happy day for him, family and friends. He did struggle with I believe lung cancer this may be a cause/ side effect. He will be missed.
You can read more on his story at tmz.com

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mind Eraser - Elitch's Gardens (Six Flags) Denver

1st Ride of the day!

Twister II Roller Coaster, Elitch Gardens, Denver

The Tower of Doom freefall ride at Elitch Gardens

On Saturday we took the boy to Elitch Gardens, formerly Six Flags in Denver. The boys won free ticket earlier in the year for a reading program they did at the library. So as a reward we took them before they closed for the year. I would have to say the boys had a great time, they could stay all day I'm sure. We had Roger's mom with us, who can't walk far so we only got to stay for about 4 hours. That's probably 1/2 the park. The lines were short and the rides were scary! Just watching half the kid rides made me want to throw up. I cannot believe when I was a kid I could do that for hours. This time I went on a select dare devil rides. I started my day off on the Mind Eraser, then the Tower of Doom aka. Free Fall, then ended with the twister II.
Twister II was scary just because you are jerked around and they built it with this wood that creaks you think it's going to crash! I didn't let the boys ride any of these, and I don't think I'll be riding them again. 
The Tower of Doom has made me take bungee jumping off my bucket list!! I was told my many people in line watching me that I had the most scared face that they had ever seen, they were all laughing at me, even my boys!
Just finding the right utube video had my stomach doing turns again. Mind Eraser was scary because you were upside down then all of a sudden you were doing triple loops. It lasted a minute & I almost threw up my lunch! I would do it again..LOL
I'm sticking with Water World for now on!
Enjoy the videos!

Song of the Week: Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (Stereo!)

Growing up in my parents house Neil Diamond's record would play frequently. Although I didn't know that Neil Diamond was his name, I used to call him Messy Hair. The record holder had a picture of Neil on the cover and man did he have a fro! I loved his music a few more than others. But as I grew into an adult I did purchase his CD. I would have to say without a doubt Sweet Caroline is a great song and for any age group!
Anyone have a favorite Neil song?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rock n' Roll Marathon Denver

This weekend is the Denver Rock n' Roll Marathon and 1/2 marathon. My neighbor Kelley is joining the other thousands of people doing this race. I'm excited for her and a bit jealous, running a marathon is definitely on my bucket list. This race starts at a brisk cool 7am on Sunday. If it's broad casted on TV I will sure be taking a peak.
 I have a really bad knee and had to quit running for some time and now that I'm pretty much back into it I cannot wait for the race to come around next year so I can participate. That is if my knee can hang with me, I don't need to have surgery.
Next month is our schools 5k, then I have the Turkey Trot which is a tradition for myself and then to finished year with the polar bear run on Christmas. The Turkey Trot is so fun, since last year I was out of commission I volunteered for the race instead handing out bib packets. I love it all! If I cannot race I still want to be involved and support a good cause!
I do plan on trying out a 1/2 marathon in another state if it's in the budget in the future. My first one would probably be in Seattle while I'm up visiting friends and family.
Good Luck Rock n' Rollers!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I feel like..

It's now Thursday night and I feel like this:

I got 2 kids up and dressed for school
made breakfast
made mac n' cheese for T's lunch
Crossing guard duty
got myself ready
picked up Dylan from school
returned towels at Kohl's
exchanged shoes at Big 5
Went to Ace and got more mouse traps
drove home to make 2 separate lunches
got T's soccer stuff ready
made dinner in the crock pot
did 2 parent teacher conferences
Soccer practice

played outside with the kids
finished making dinner....listened to my kids complain about dinner the entire time I ate
heat up another meal for the kids to really get a dinner

I feel like being a freakin' baby right about now. I mention to my husband a little help would of been nice. He's shocked???? I mention that maybe a little help with the dishes or the kids or offer to do something so I can get off my feet. He then says, "what can I do so you can get off your feet?"
Insert my ass right on the couch...for the rest of the night (watching Grey's Anatomy).
Until tomorrow Peeps!

A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

I finally finished A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown this morning. This book was close to 500 pages. I've read a few autobiography's and all of them being about drug or alcohol addicts. I find them very easy to read and very good. This one was different, it was a female author this time. My friend Lauren recommended this one to me, if I remember correctly. I was hooked right away. It was a very different beginning than normal. You would think you were reading a murder mystery or something. This book was in great, I mean GREAT detail of her life starting from young innocient age 11 to a hard, victorious 33 years old.
Cupcake went through every horrible thing you can think of. It was disturbing at times to even read what she endured. The people she encountered pissed me off and some I was sad to see gone from the story. It really made me think of all the foster kids out there, do we really have "mom's" out there that do such horrible things still? Do our judges, police officers really put kids back in the system after finding out about such abuse?
I do think that the book was good, but the book had a lot of parts in it that were repeated. I almost felt like I had read that page before but the bit of info was really at the beginning of the chapter sometimes the page before. The book would of been a few chapters shorter if it wasn't in such detailed info that wasn't all that important or it didn't repeat info. I cried, I laughed, I even cried tears of joy (while at the gym too)!
All in all great book with a good ending. I also loved that she included and Epilogue on where every character was/are now. I would tell more of the story but I hate ruining books for others.
I recommend this one! If you have read it or will read it after this post, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love rainy days

It's finally raining in Colorado! It's been the hottest and dryest of years here, we need this!
I know all you Seattle people are wishing you didn't have the rain.

Growing up in Seattle It rains and it rains A LOT! Every time it rains in Colorado which isn't often, I think of home. I think about the smell, the laughter, the coziness it makes me feel. One memory I always think about is back when I was in Middle school my bestie Lauren and I would put on a pair of boxers, tanks or t shirts and run outside in her neighborhood and dance or run in the gutters while it rained. We would laugh uncontrollably while others thought we were nuts. When my kids say they wished it would stop raining so they could go outside and play I always say it doesn't have to sunny to be outside. I then tell them about my memory, they think I'm crazy! I think a lot of my friends know how much I love the rain cause I was outside on Sunday and it rained for a short while and my friend Dawnette walked over and said, "Nicole, It's raining!" I LOVE IT! So as I write this blog it's raining and I'm cuddled in my favorite winter blanket and thinking about my raining Seattle days!
It's short lived though, I just looked at the time and I have to go get Dylan from school. Maybe I'll make him some Hot Chocolate with ghost marshmallow's and sit him by the fire while he watches his cartoon. If I get my cleaning done I'll do the same but read a good book.
Happy rainy day friends!

A lot on my plate

I have a lot on my plate right now. I haven't had such a jam packed schedule in a long time. This week has been non stop and it's only Tuesday! I haven't even been to the gym either. I volunteered at the school for 3 hours yesterday, ran a couple errands, took Roger suit shopping and did the normal, wash, dinner, homework and be outside while the boys played. Today it's raining so I'm inside getting cleaning done, well after I blog. The rest of the week is jammed with more volunteering, church volunteering, parent teacher conferences, soccer and more all while we have an out of town guest staying with us. This was not a planned guest but we are making due.  I'm hoping Friday will still be nice out, we are taking the boys to Elitch Gardens before they are closed for the season. We got free tickets, so we don't want them going to waste.
 I seem to have weeks that are empty then weeks that are slammed. Why can't it be just an even flow of events?
Sunday is a slammed but exciting day to come. I will be up at 5am to take my mother in law to the airport, why is it that when I have to shuttle people to and from the airport they choose the earliest flight possible? I then am attending church, after that the boys and I will then attend a baptism class. I will then attempt a cat nap before I head back to the church for an additional class I'm taking for myself. I'll blog about that next week.
I also am trying to get some more Pampered Chef shows in the works so I can stay an active consultant. I just don't have the time to be on the phone, especially when I'm not even home!
This is how I feel sometimes...Stressed out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Boys Bathroom Decor

When we moved into our current (1st) home the boys were 1 year and newborn. I had always wanted to decorate the boys bathroom with the Ducks theme. So I enjoyed my trip to Target that year and stocked up on everything Ducks. My mom and aunt came out to see my new baby boy and pitched in on some ducks too. Now my boys are 7 and 5...not so much liking the ducks anymore. My 1st thought was "OMG that's going to cost me a fortune to redo and I don't have that!"
But me being the frugal girl that I am hit up some sales and came up with an idea. Of course I bought towels that I liked 1st, but to find a shower curtain that matches = nightmare! So I bit the bullet and bought a new shower curtain I liked, now I have to return the towels and come up with a new plan. But here is a photo before the redo:

 Not pictured: Duck shower curtain hooks, Duck trash can, 3 duck hanging murals (very expensive but cute), 1 duck photo and duck towels
Sorry to see you go...
Since photo was taken I sold 1/2 the stuff for 50% off what I paid. I find that to be pretty good since it's all 5 years old! I'm still determined to sell the rest and purchase the new.
Photos of the new bathroom to come, I need to buy more stuff!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lands End Sale

I am so excited about Lands End bag sale THIS week only. So you really only have a few hours to get this deal. These bags are great to take to the pool, park, or whatever. I have one already in Orange that I use for my pool supplies, but it says food and wine on the side. Now I got one in Medium pink for myself. I am also paying the extra $5 for my initials. Click here to start shopping.

9 things you should not do at the gym

I go to my local gym several mornings a week. I see a very wide range of people. I try very hard not to judge people but there are just some things I notice about people that surprise me. So I think these are things you should not do while at the gym.
The gym is a people watching place, some use it as a pick up place (I do not) not saying that I don't look though. There are some very well build males that attend :) Right Ladies (wink wink).

Here are a few things I have noticed lately that you should not do:

1.  Men or Boys do not wear swim trunks as shorts...it's weird or maybe I just don't get it

2.  Ladies you really don't need all that makeup, natural at the gym in NORMAL

3. Tennis skirts are for when you play TENNIS!

4. Sweat so much you have a lake forming under your machine...ever heard of a towel?

5. Talk loudly on your phone, it's rude and WE DON'T CARE!

6. Wearing clothes 3 sizes to small

7. Wearing clothes 3 sizes to small and riding bent over a bike = GROSS.

8. Putting 400 lbs of weights on a bench press, have no spotter, then drop it =you look like a douche bag!

9. Wearing shirts with the sleeves and sides of the shirt cut out..again douche bag might as well just not wear a shirt.

Well I think I covered the things I saw at the gym this week! If anyone reading this blog is offended I'm sorry, these are just things I notice when I'm working out. This is my own opinion and I'm entitled to that. If in someway I'm helping you realize you do some of these, your welcome :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

September's book club book was Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I really enjoyed this book from page 1. I found it to be a long read but good.  Henry the main character is a Chinese boy living in Seattle with his parents during WWII (1942-1986). His parents have him attending an all white school where they treat him poorly. He works in the kitchen serving lunch everyday until one day a Japanese girl starts working with him. The become friends very quickly. They both like each other but don't want to admit it. I kept feeling like just kiss her already!  The book transitions from Henry being a child and living this life to an adult with a son who is getting married to a white women and he's trying them his past. The book is very detailed on how much Henry struggles with bullies, his father banishing him, and how he longs for Keiko. The unspoken love they have between each other had me in sobs by the end of the book. I thank the lord we don't go through what people had to endure in the 40's. The ending is fantastic although the last sentence had me a little upset....(spoiler alert) what the heck did they say to each other? I couldn't find in the book when they had previously said those words to find out what it meant. But my imagination leads me to believe that they were saying they missed each other and I love you! I'm so happy that it ended the way it did.
I think I may have been 1 or 2 of 9 people in the book club that liked this book. Others said it was slow and hard to get into. Some didn't even finish the book. Like I said it was good but it was a bit difficult for me to grab every night. I am also reading another book at the same time that was a little more fast paced that had me reaching for that one more.
All in all, I do recommend this book to anyone. I am also from Seattle and miss is so much that just reading about locations they were in made me picture home, like I was there.
Enjoy your read. If you have read it what do you think of it???

Monday, October 4, 2010

Golf Course Cake

Mr. T turned 7 in August and he wanted everything to do with miniature golf. So of course I had to come up with a golf course cake! I searched high and low for little plastic golfers, flags anything you put on top of a cake with no luck. I thought this is really putting my creativity to the test. I didn't mind though I just love to bake and feel like a little Highlands Ranch Martha Stewart!
Here are some step by step directions on how to make a Golf Course Cake with limited supplies.

Make your desired cake mix as a long sheet cake. Get white (vanilla preferably) icing and green food coloring.
Mix icing and green dye together to make a grass green. You will need 2 greens one darker then the other. I decided to put a river in the middle so make a small batch of blue icing as well. Using an small spreader start applying the icing slowly. Make sure the cake is completely cooled off or it will rip the top layer of the cake.

 Once you have your grass down put in your river. I then put rocks down on the side of the river. I simply mixed a white and black gel icing together to make grey.
 For your sand pit crush a 1/2 a graham cracker and sprinkle in an odd shape by the green. I then made a square flag with a number on it. Put a black gel icing spot for the hole.
Since I didn't actually have a golfer I put a white icing dot for a ball and two clubs crossed on the side. This is the best I could come up with. My son was happy and the kids at the mini golf party were so excited! I think if you have experience with Fondant it would look better but that stuff is very hard to work with and doesn't taste all that great.

Fajita Seasoning Recipe

 I just love the colors of Fajitas!

I went to go make Fajitas for dinner the other night and realized that I ran out of my wonderful seasoning. I still wanted the dinner so bad that I had to come up with my own. It turned out pretty good!


•2 tbsp chili powder

•1 tbsp salt

•1 tbsp paprika

•Pinch sugar

•1 or 2 crushed chicken bouillon cube

•1 tsp Onion powder (optional)

•½ tsp garlic powder

•½ tsp cayenne pepper

•¼ tsp crushed red pepper flakes

•½ tsp cumin

I only ended up using a small portion of the seasoning since I only used 1 1/2 chicken breasts. I put the rest in a snack sized zip lock bag and labeled it for next time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm so excited...

I'm so excited, Halloween is less than a month away! I love everything about Halloween, the costumes, the candy, trick or treating, and I love to decorate and doing crafts and of course being scared. I love to be scared, but just for a second. Roger and I went to 2 haunted houses last Halloween downtown, they were scary only because it was literally pitch black, you could not see in front of you and there fore you couldn't see if something was next to you or about to scream in your face. Once you were in the decorated room, it wasn't that scary it was pretty obvious who was going to move off the doctor's table or that the head laying on the table was going to open it's eyes. I held onto the back of Roger's shirt and made him lead. Even Roger was to scared to walk in front. It was worth going only because we went for cheap.

I sometimes wish the boys were still so little, I remember Tanner was a baby duck for his 1st Halloween, he was precious. (I'd post that picture but it got a little wet and ruined) Dylan was a little devil, which really fit his personality at 2. It was cute having them try so hard to say Trick or Treat and take candy from a stranger. They used to give the candy out of there bags into the peoples buckets. So cute, now they want to trick or treat for hours, and have large bags. I told them when I was at least in middle school my dad would drive us to every neighborhood and fill up pillow cases full of candy. They cannot wait to do the same. At this time the boys don't know what they want to dress up as, but I refuse to let them be anything with a mask. I end up carrying it all night long. That gets in the way of holding my adult beverage :)
Yes, we here in "The Ranch" carry adult beverages while taking the kids trick or treating. I usually do a warm drink like hot chocolate or cider with a little "spice". It keeps me warm because usually it's freezing outside. Last year we had a snow storm the night before, it was a cold, wet mess. But of course like I said I really look forward to it. I'm thinking today after church I will get into the crawl space and get out all my decor and start planning my crafts!
 Mr. T and Mr. D as star wars and transformers guys...yes I carried the masks all night!
Me being creative, my Frankenstein cake! If you need to know what I used to create your own let me know and I can blog the recipe.
Anyone else have a Halloween craft they just love to do? I'd love to see pictures!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Santcuary Golf Day

Once a year Roger, Simon, Nique and I play a day of golf at The Sanctuary Golf Course. Usually on a Monday at the end of September. It's always been hot and sunny with an amazing view from each hole. It's just off Daniels Park in Castle Pines, CO. 
This annual trip is a great time with obviously gorgeous golfing, drinks, talking and laughing. There plenty of time for all of that along the course cause we were there for like 6 hours. In spite of having a horrible headache I did a great job! I hit 5's and 6's on almost every hole, except 17 because that's the longest and hardest on the course. I switched using Nique's and Roger's clubs too, so it was such an adjustment on each hole. I cannot wait to get my own set of clubs. I think I like this golfing thing! It's also something Roger likes to do, maybe we could play more than once a year if I start playing! It would be pretty cool to be able to really learn and play with my mom up in Seattle or a round with my dad is Arizona. Who knows, I could be dreaming. I do this thought process once a year after a round at The Sanctuary, who wouldn't after playing one of the best courses around!  Maybe I'll keep a look out for a good special on some lessons.

 Roger did a lot of this :)

The Crew!