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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I wish I could..

I wish I could do a lot of things. One thing I do enjoy though is looking at pictures, when I find amazing pictures I wish I could do this ---->
I think this is so cute and creative. I feel like I wasn't born with a creative jean at all. If anyone knows how I can learn to do this and what photo disc equipment I need to get that would be great.  In the meantime I will continue to wish. Anyone else wish they could do something?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of Summer beginning of Fall

Summer is coming to and end here in Colorado. We are still having 80-90 degree days but the night air is getting cold and crisp. I love sleeping with my windows open at this time of year. I do get cold at night but I love having a soft blanket near by. We all had a great summer doing many different things. But as summer does come to an end I will miss the:
Outdoor Pool

Bike Riding


Wearing my sunglasses


Kickball with all the neighborhood kids and some adults


Driving with the window down

Just sitting outside shooting the shit with friends and sippin a cold one

What I am really looking forward to this Fall is the:

not wearing a swimsuit most days

so over the shorts too, except my workout shorts they are pretty cozy

Warm soups, stews and chili's (Pampered chef has a cookbook named that..funny)

Games!!! Gotta play my faves Taboo, Phase 10, and Shut the Box with Steve and Dawnette. There's nothing better than playing games inside on a cold fall or winter day/evening with great people while laughing and having a festive drink...

My favorite warm drinks

taking pictures of the leaves changing

cozy blanket by the fire while watching a movie

homemade crafts and of course,


so many things I love during each season. I cannot wait to see what fun things we come up with this year. I have a few off my bucket list I'd like to accomplish so hopefully we are not stuck inside with snow storms to much this year. Last Halloween we had a bad snow storm, it was a wet mess trick or treating in that stuff.
As one season ends another begins in this wonderful place I love to call God's Country!
What are your favorite things about Summer or Fall?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sanctuary Golf Course

Once a year when The Sanctuary Golf Course closes up for the year they allow the employee to come and golf for the day. The employee's are only allowed to bring a family member, so I am the one that has the honor of accomponying my husband again this year. I do not play golf unless it's Putt Putt with the kids or at The Sanctuary once per year. I'm not that bad though. Our four some every year is with Roger's best friend Simon and his wife Nique, who got married at the Sanctuary a few months ago. I just love this place so much. The view is fantastic no matter where you are standing! Here is a glimpse of where I will be on Monday!
I'll post pictures on Tuesday of my day of golfing though!

For some reason blogger changed the way you add pictures, and I cannot find my Sanctuary pictures. I will try again in a little bit.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday's Trends

Ok, So I'm still stuck on the Grey's for this Fall. I went to TJMax cause I'm a Maxanista. I went looking for more workout clothes. Which my friend Lisa says I spend more money on workout clothes then anyone she knows. I just love them! Anyway trying to get into more fashion then just workout gear I went over to the coats. I found the most beautiful Grey Calvin Klein wool trench. I dug for a while and of course they didn't have my size. I was so bummed. I will get one though. I have been sporting a nice cream with grey trim for a few years and want another option.
Here is a quick look at a coat similar to the CK one I found.
This one's a little lighter, but it will do, it's super cute!
This is by DKNY. Available online here.
Another trend I am DYING to try this week is....

I went to one store yesterday to find a nice grey but had no luck. I do getting this ASAP! It won't be a complete fall without my grey fingers :)
I'm not completely sure if I want to wear the coat and the nails at the same time but we will see!
Happy shopping for your Fall Fun Fashion.
Anyone else want to share a fashion want?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spring cleaning..in the Fall

OMG, I am so tired! Twice a year I consign at a consignment sale. It's just a weekend sale of all kid things. To get ready for this consignment sale I have to go through all the boys belongings and get them ready.
Hang them on a hanger
Enter them into the website
Print barcode tags
Safety pin the tags to the clothes
Put the toys, socks, shoes and more into seperate bags and tag those
Organize clothes by size then rubber band
Load boxes
Load boxes into the car
Drive to the sale and drop off
Pick up any unsold items on Monday night

Lots of work to sell the stuff huh! I never remember to pick up my stuff, so it all get donated to March of Dimes. I'm totally fine with that. I don't want it back in my house. I rarely make much money but it's better than a garage sale. I don't have time for that. Any way I call this my Spring cleaning in the Fall. I love purging unused clothes and toys. I do get the boys a new something for letting me sell there toys though. This year I told them something that will last several years and that Dylan cannot break in the 1st 5 minutes.
I am proud of myself for getting this done, but I'm so tired. I felt a surge of energy to clean our basement out and redo the boys bathroom at the same time too. Pictures to follow. I was so tired of the cleaning I was in bed with lights out at 9:15pm last night!
Let's all keep our fingers crossed for some good money this go around. I could use it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Volvo XC90, Acura MDX or Nissian Pathfinder??

It's that time again, I need a new car. Well I shouldn't say need, I want a new car. Some of you reading this are rolling your eyes and saying, "She just got a new car!" Well here's the scoop. I drove little cars in High school, mostly Honda Preludes. I moved to Colorado driving a Honda Civic, I loved it but it was nothing but a money pit. I swore I would only buy new if I could. I couldn't, not with a new baby coming. I got a super awesome deal on a Chevy Blazer. I think I may have made money on it. My first car purchase without my dad. I did great! So anyway when I had my #2 baby I was also working a lot and up to a 30 min. drive w/o traffic to work. I was driving up to 70 miles a day! Talk about a gas guzzler.
I traded that in for a brand new 2007 Jetta. I had always wanted one. For gas purposes it was great, I also missed driving a stick. I left the dealership so happy. Well this is one car I wish I leased. I have gotten so sick of it! The traffic here sucks, and the amount that I am driving now I cannot handle the stick OR the fact that the kids are right up on my ear while I'm driving. They are so distracting! So now that my Jetta is over 3 years old and getting high miles I want to trade it in.
Here are my top 3 picks. Which one should I get?

They are all very similar. 3 row seating-My #1 priority, same gas mileage, good ratings, safe, etc.
A little car tip for anyone else looking for a new ride, buy in October or 1st week of November. The cars go on sale these months due to the new year coming out in December. Also purchase your car through a credit union it's a better deal. Any other tips you know about, I'd love to hear them too!
Happy Car hunting!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bucket List #4

Well I get to make another check mark on my bucket list. Last week as many of you know I got to go to Las Vegas! Yes I just turned 31 and I had never been to Vegas until last week! We sometimes are strapped on money so for me to just pack up and leave the family to go on vacation has never been an option. Last year at this same time I signed up to be a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant. My main goal was to pay off some credit card debt. I also wanted to save for a trip to Ireland, my ultimate dream trip. So after an entire year of doing Pampered Chef, I saved very little. It's hard to be a consultant and not want everything in the catalog..You try it. So Ireland is still many years away but I did save enough to go to Vegas. My mom has her own online travel agency and she got myself and 2 of my girl friends a great deal! We paid around $280 for round trip airfare and 2 nights at the Luxor. We were so excited. And since it was my birthday family all sent me cash to spend.
So as for the trip, I was going with 2 friends I met a couple years ago. We met at Tanner's school, the kids had the same Kinder teacher. We hangout and talk all the time so it seemed perfect. We decided we would do sight seeing and maybe a show and a night club one night. Well once you get there it's a totally different story. The girls don't drink much, so they decided going to a club was no longer a priority. No problem, I can do that at home. We were just so anxious to start walking the strip. I got a call from my dad. He was also in Vegas with his sister. We all decided to meet at The Bellagio fountains. It was good to see my dad, whom I haven't seen since June.  The show was amazing! By the end of the trip I saw the fountains at least 4 times. They play a different song but the water motions stay the same. We gambled at Planet Hollywood and I won $80! My friends won a small amount too. I may stay there next time.  The walk from our hotel up the strip to anything fun was at least 4 miles. That normally would be fine for me, but I wore heels on Friday night...big mistake I had blisters.
The girls and I enjoyed a frozen beverage by the pool on Saturday. Nancy and I did a lot of shopping at the Hotels on the strip as well. New York New York had more NY souvenirs than Vegas ones. We did not do the roller coaster, but heard a lot of people screaming. MGM had the lions out and the gift shop there was geared toward that as well. Cesar's Palace has some amazing shopping, nothing I can afford but still amazing. We watched the show just on the opposite side of the 50,000 gallon fish tank. We ate dinner at The Bellagio, which was not that good, and toured the Botanical Gardens. It smelled so sweet and was well put together. The only thing that ruined it was the guy trying to walk through was so drunk he fell twice. We went to M & M world which was 4 stories and got stuff for our kids. We also went to Old Town Vegas on Fremont Street. I recommend going at night, not during the day. Lots to do and we had short amount of time. I wish I was one to be able to stay up all night but I'm not.
Even though this was a place I thought you just drink, dance and gamble. I think we put a spin on it. I had a great time, but next time I will drink and I will go with my husband. I can now say that I have been to Vegas!
Bucket List item #4, Check.
Anyone else have a Vegas story?

If this celebrity came to my door...

If this celebrity came to my door, I would drop everything, scream, maybe faint but I would do whatever he wanted! This celebrity is Scott Caan. Some know his father James Caan an actor from many years ago. Scott made is debut in the hit move Varsity Blues. He has since been in all the Ocean's movie (11,12 and13), Into the Blue and my FAVORITE..Gone in 60 seconds. He dated Jessica Alba for a while but I believe single and waiting to find me. He is now going to be in the new Hawaii Five-0 this fall. I am sure to watch. He is just so beautiful, I love his eyes.
So if a celebrity knocked on your door right now, who would it be? and what would you do? Cannot wait to hear the answers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Trends

Fall Fashion trends for 2010 are arriving! I cannot wait to get my hands on a few new items for the fall and winter season. I am getting so close to being over shorts. Now that I sit and write this I only wore a shirt maybe twice this summer. I think I need to get a few more in on Sunday's for Church before I'm depressed about wearing slacks everyday. I'm not a huge jeans person either. I own 2 pairs of jeans and I'm ok with that. I do own a million pairs of slacks though in a lot of different colors. Anyway new fashion trends coming are again the Jean Jacket, Scarves, long sweater tops, ankle heels and more. The colors are going to be Green, Grey, Pink, and Red. I'm already on the search for a hobo grey handbag! See a few of the I wants below. I think Forever 21, http://www.6pm.com/ will have what your looking for. Enjoy the new season!
picture via: google search

Jean Jacket

Pink Scarf

Click on Pink scarf and you will find that and the grey top at Forever 21. I hardly shop there because the tops barely fit my boobs and the pants are for skinny people :) Yes, my inner skinny girl is screaming to get out!
Do you know of any new fashion trends or colors you are looking to find?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One comes to an end and another begins!

As my previous post my favorite summer addiction was Big Brother 13 on CBS. I just love the yelling, sneaking around, back dooring, romances, in other words DRAMA! But all things must come to an end. Tonight I sit here watching the season finale of BB 13 while I write this, anxiously awaiting to find out who wins half a million dollars, $50K and the winner of house favorite. My guess would have to be Lane. He was the nicest guy in the house. He really didn't have any enemies. He played Brittany pretty good too, but I do think he wants her bad. Hayden was a nice guy and won several competitions but the jury is mad at him mostly for the secret alliance. I hope Lane wins he seems so down to earth and plus he's HOT!
As this ends I did get to see the season premiere of Gossip Girl Monday night. I haven't missed an episode in 4 season's of GG. I love the drama in that show too. Lots of gossip, back stabbing, shopping, love and lust, plus very hot cast. I look at all the girls and I would just die to dress just like them. I love the necklaces the most, always so long and beautiful.  If you are not watching GG you should. 1 hour on Monday nights, Colorado's channel 2.
Off to go see the end of BB, so sad. Until next summer.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Katy Perry - Wake Up In Vegas [HD]

I thought I would share this song by Katy Perry. It's called, Waking up in Vegas. This song came out a while ago and the radio did play it a lot but I still like it. I thought it would be a good fit for my following posts. I went to Las Vegas this weekend for my 31st Birthday! Enjoy the song and come back for my Vegas post!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank you Readers!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank all my readers. THANK YOU!  I love how you take time out of your day to read my ramblings.
If you read my blog without being a follower, I thank you too! Become a follower so I can comment on your blog too.
Have a great day and see you all tomorrow!

Little Bee book review

Little Bee by Chris Cleave was August's pick for book club. This is my first book to read by Chris and I went into the book thinking it was going to be the biggest tear jerker. The comments I read off facebook from fellow readers said it was so sad and depressing. I expected a book like the movie My Sister's Keeper. As I started the book one evening just before going to bed, I had a hard time getting into it. A day or two later I felt like it was going to be a good book but not one that you read at bedtime. I heard from a friend that the book gets good at page 100. So I couldn't wait to find out what happens. So once I got to 100, she was right. I finished the book in the next day or two. The book was sad and the book club discussion questions were just as sad!! I felt that Chris was good at switching characters each chapter and it was easy to follow along. Chris really did his research on getting a good grasp on how things work with the immigration and detention centers. This was a great story plot and I wouldn't mind reading something like this again. I felt after I had read it, it tied into the book The Help. Both books were about how whites treat blacks and the one white girls has to be different. The white women rebels against someone. In the Help the white women rebelled against all othe white women and in Little Bee the white women fought against the blacks, her husband, and her lover!
Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 I give this one a 7.
Anyone else read this? I'd love to hear what you thought! Or if you go out and read it after reading my post come back and tell me what you thought!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

POISON - Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Song of the Week!

So this is the Song of the Week, in regards to the previous post. Bret Micheal's at Taste of Colorado.
This post is the live version of Posion's Every Rose has it's Thorn from 1990. Bret wrote the song because he was going through a rough time with life and relationships. I like the song! (This is dedicated to Steve!) One thing that I notice is that the bandana is still in effect, of course he shows more hair now but he looks the same! It's like he doesn't age a bit. Enjoy!

Bret Michael's at Taste of Colorado

On Sunday evening Bret Michael's played at The Taste of Colorado! I was so excited to see him play after seeing him on Celebrity Apprentice and watching the news about his health. I was nervous for him being so active after such trama. Bret of course came on stage a little late just like all singers do. He sang his first song, "Talk dirty to me".  The Husband sang along to this one, surprising I didn't know the words at all. Bret is also coming out with a new show on VH1 so he played 2 songs from the show. The show is called Bret Michaels: Life as I know it. After those two songs I got bored and went back to the Taste. I was walking around and heard him finally play, "Every rose has it's thorn" which made me laugh because my neighbor Steve kept making fun of the song all weekend and how lame I was for wanting to see Bret. I at that point text Steve that Bret was playing his favorite song! I'm glad I went to see him even though it was packed! Girls were going crazy, yes including me! I am a big fan of Bret, I watch both seasons of "Rock of Love with Bret Michael's" on VH1. He's a gentlemen to the ladies but at the same time such a player! I think he is a great dad and just very interesting. I will be checking out the new show.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

$5 for $50 spa service

Read all about this Denver people!! I just got emailed this amazing special from weeklyplus. Weeklyplus is just like Groupon, so I trust it. Need time to get away and do something for yourself? Check out this Spa deal in Denver at http://www.weeklyplus.com/  The deals last 7 days is the difference between weeklyplus and Groupon, so you actually have time to think about it. I won't get tihsone cause I won't drive north but those of you that will, let me know if you like the deal!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I hope that everyone enjoys there long weekend! We don't have a whole lot planned. We will go to the annual Taste of Colorado with the kids on Sunday. Bret Micheal's is playing at 7pm, so we will be there for that no doubt! Monday will be some relaxing and catching up. My girlfriends and I will be getting our Vegas tripped planned along with some pedicures. We may go to BBQ at the in-laws on Monday too, depends on if I feel like driving. I am looking forward to no carpools, no homework, and everything else I'm required to do during the week.
I am thinking a nice long run or bike ride could be nice since finally the weather has cooled off just a little bit. Last I checked it was going to be in the 90's again this weekend :( Just so hot. I do feel that the air smells different, and football has started. I think fall is coming. The stores already have out Halloween decorations and candy. I just don't understand why stores do that, months in advance.

Anyone has some fun Labor day weekend plans?
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sept. 1st Target Deal

Coupon match up for this week at Target

First I got 2 rings on Clearance, normally $8 paid $3.48 each
T-shirt $8, sale $5, $3 savings
2 uniform polo's $6

Campbell's harvest soup $1.50
$1/1 coupon http://www.campbellsoup.com/select.aspx  makes final price $0.50

Bisquick biscuits .38 each for 2

Right Guard deoderant $2.54
coupon less $1.00...you can try and use the travel size deoderant with the coupon and get it free.

Olay travel soup, .95 use coupon starting today and get it free

Colgate Dora toothpaste $2.19
target coupon for .75 and SS coupon from sunday paper .50 = .24

Suave shampoo, .99 use target coupon, now $0.24
Disney vitamins $5.04, http://www.coupons.com/  $1/1 makes it $4
I got makeup, powerbars and chapstick all under $1 as well.
Total $52, I did forget just a few coupons and splurged on an outfit for a friend. Great deals though. Like I said go to your local target and look for all the red clearance signs. They are purging there summer items to make room for fall!

Target Daily Deal 9/2

Today only Targets daily deal is on these cute suede boots. Only $24.99 and free shipping.
go to http://www.target.com/ and click on Daily Deal at the top right corner.
If you haven't been to your local Target lately, you should! Target goes through a few times a year and puts everything on clearance. I've gotten some great deals. See next post!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Climbing my 1st 14er!

As many of you know I am working on my bucket list. Climbing a 14er was one of my bucket list items. For all of not in Colorado and don't know what a 14er is, well Colorado has 52 mountains that are at 14,000 feet or higher. If you climb one it's call climbing a 14er. So I chose to climb Mt. Bierstadt it sits at 14,060 feet. My friend Lisa and I got up at 5am and headed towards Grant, CO. We both wore shorts and a tank top so ready for a great workout. Well we got to the trail head and it was 35 degrees, we had no gloves or warm hats. We did have track pants, sweatshirts and ball caps though. We began our hike along with a lot of others by 7:50am. Our first thought was how easy (see picture 2) then we got about 100 feet past that and the mountain went straight up and we began our rock climbing adventure. I was hurting in places that I didn't know existed. Hours later we got the the top of the mountain, which is called the Summit. See picture 5. Picture 6 is the view from the Summit. The long hike was totally worth this breath taking moment. We opened the Miller Light I brought took a sip, ate a piece of fruit and headed back down the way we came up. 5 hours later my knees were shot, I couldn't even bend them, my hands were double in size and I was so tired. We got in the car and talked about our great adventure the entire way back and have plans to do it again! In the mean time I will be training a bit more and have a trip coming up next week. Another bucket list item, so come back to my blog for some vacation fun.
Anyone else want to climb a 14er or have a fun bucket list item they are waiting to do? I'd love for you to leave me a comment all about it!

Target Savings 8/28

So my goal was to leave Target with spending the $40, not $100. I came very close! I spend $46.
I splurged on a few things but nothing over $5.

Earrings $7.99 paid $3.98 on clearance
2 bags of chips under $2 each, snacks under $2
Bagel Bites 40 count, $6.99 coupon .70 & Target coupon for $1/1 paid $5.29
Kids cuisines normally $2.99 each, paid 2 for $3.50
Fruit 2 a day normally $2.99 paid $1.49
Jello pack of 4 $0.67
Other $.93
Red roasted $0.74
Teton Valley $1.98 for 2
Empanadas over $2 paid .98
Hamburger Helper $1.33
Brie paid $1.48
Garlic app $1.50
frozen strawberries $4.00 paid $1.04
2 frozen juices $1.12
Simply OJ $2.99 had $1 off coupon paid $1.99
Cheese on sale for $1.80 bought 3
facial tissue travel section, 4 for .99
I saved $6.85 with just coupons, but I saved over $20 due to clearance items. I think I did well.