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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" Red Band Trailer

I just finished the book, I hope they serve beer in Hell by Tucker Max, I picked it up off the book shelf just because I liked the book title. Cause I do like my beer! I brought it home and actually decided to read the back of the book to see what it was about. All the book listed was actual comments of former readers and what they thought. I'd have to say Tucker Max may be 50/50 on the ratings. He was called some pretty bad names by women slut, ass*&le, jerk, ect. yet very wonderful names like Pimp, coolest guy ever, ect. from the men. That's when I was like what kind of book is this?
 I assumed it would just be a funny story but not only was it funny it was also discusting, disgraceful, and revolting and plain ..way to much information...I liked it! I could barely put the book down towards the end.
The book is all about Tucker Max and his life of drinking and getting laid. He literally has multipule book deals and now a MOVIE (trailer above) all about how he plays women and just how shit faced he can get. The guy is not only lazy but needs himself some rehab! Like I said the book did have some discusting parts that I could of gone without but it was funny. He dished out some bad stuff but he got his karma back 10 fold! Tucker will ulitmately be able to say he has lived life to the fullest. I wonder what his bucket list would look like. Could you imagine being one of the thousands of girls he's slept with, then to read all about it in his BOOK? When you sleep with someone does it ever cross anyones mind you may be a story later? No not me! This is one guy I am glad I have never run across.
The ending of the book was kind of turning of events, he was dealt a hardship and I am wanting to read the second book just to see what happens with the "one night stand". It only takes one mishap to change the way you view things. Will he change??? DO they really serve beer in Hell???
Anyone else read the book and have an opinion? If you have are you going to see the movie? I would like to see the movie.
(mom...don't read the book just for your own good)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At what age?

At what age do you think it's ok for your kids to have there own Facebook account? I have some nephews on facebook that are around 11 and one at age 6. Today I log into my account and my sons friend who is 7 has friend requested me. First why does he want to be friends with me???
I have not responded to his request at this time, I'm pondering the reasons why he wants adults as friends. If I was this kid my first thought would to look for classmates and such, if you couldn't find certain friends ask them at school to join.
So anyone out there reading this blog post, let me know your thoughts. I am slightly considering my son to get an account, but under my supervision. It would really be more for games and to keep in touch with family for we don't have any in CO.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Francesca Battistelli - Beautiful, Beautiful

So everyone has that one song, that one song you tell everyone in the car to SHUT UP so you can turn up the radio full volume and belt out the words to. Well I have many of those my kids can definetly attest to that. But about a month ago we are sitting at church and one of the choir directors does a solo called Beautiful, Beautiful. I had never heard the song before but I was addicted. I wanted to know right away who sang it. And I was plesently surprised I was already listening to Francesca Battisitelli's Free to be me. I can listen to Francesca all day, it's very uplifting, she is such a passionate, amazing singer. I just had to share my belt it out song with you all! She has a full video out on youtube as well if you want to watch it. So now, turn up the volume on the computer and mute the kids.
Happy Listening!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter 2010

I know this is very late, but our April has never been busier. After a very long but educational Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday we celebrated Easter! We started the morning with Church. The boys actually did pretty well. They stood and faked singing, then they colored and read in there seats. Once the sermon started is when Dylan really couldn't sit still any longer. I took him potty then for some hot chocolate. Once service ended we headed home and got ready to go to Roger and Marianne's for dinner. Tanner and Dylan got to enjoy an egg hunt. They loved this and the weather was fantastic. We had a nice dinner then took some family photos. I have a few that turned out fantastic and hope to frame soon.
We very much enjoyed our Spring Easter!

Looking back 5 years

5 years ago we started our April by moving into our new house in Highlands Ranch, CO. 1 week after being in our new home we gave birth to our second son Dylan Robert craft. 6 lbs and 19inches long, blue eyes and a light head of hair. I was so thrilled to have a new baby in the house, yet freaked out at the same time. I was still a full time manager working horrible hours. But the look on Tanner's face when he met his new brother was amazing!
Now 5 years later,we are in our house for a full 5 years. Dylan still have light hair, hazel eyes and getting taller. I still think he has a baby face. As for Tanner and Dylan they fight all the time and don't know how to share. Dylan does ask for Tanner all day long but once he's home...I want to leave!
Happy 5th Birthday Dylan! We love you.

Dylan at home, few days old

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

Just last week..so technically 4 but looks the same as today at 5.