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Monday, April 23, 2012

24 books in 12 months (Dec 2012)

What I've been reading..an update! Updated December 2012

1. Girl that played with Fire   Good read!
2. The Double Bind Horrible book
3. Unbroken Amazing book!!!
4. Crazy Love; overwhelmed by a relentless God
5. The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson
6. Calm my anxious heart By Linda Dillow
7. Organized Simplicity
8. All 3 of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (1st book awesome!)
9. A new you by Friday Didn't finish, wasn't that good
10. The time of my life by Patrick Swayze
11. Kardashian Konfidential By the Kardashian's only part of it was good
12. Life is not a reality show by Kyle Richards I felt like this was geared towards single women. Some of the stories were good. I recommend this one only if you are looking for a man.
13. The Naked Truth by Danielle Staub
14. A new child by Friday  Good book, hard to follow all the rules. Especially if you are a very busy family. Got some good tips though. I did not have new kids by Friday!!
15. 21 days to a more disciplined life
16. Sarah's Key
17. The girl and the hornets nest Great book! He was an amazing writer. I highly recommend all 3
18. Firefly Lane Good Summer read. My first book by Kristin and I liked it.
19. Something blue, something borrowed series

Not on this list that I read:
50 Shades of Gray (all 3)
Gone Girl
The Book Thief
Heaven in for real (halfway done)
As one with me
I tried really hard to do 24 books, I came close but there is always next year!

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Book vs. Movie

I finally watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie last night. I would have to say it was pretty disappointing. It was a very slow moving movie. It felt like a 4 hour movie. I didn't like who they cast as Mikael the investigator. Lisbeth was great. They really captured the details of the book very well. But I have to say the book is way better then the movie.

I've already read The girl who played with fire. Another great book I hope the movie can hold up to it. I hope it's better then Girl with Dragon Tattoo.
And there is my opinion!