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Monday, May 23, 2011


So a couple days ago my BFF of 20 some years emailed me personally asking me if I was OK, because she hasn't read any blog posts in a while. How sweet is she?! Thanks LC, Love you!

Let me just tell you how busy I have been. R's new job has really turned our daily routines upside down and I'm trying hard to adjust. Plus it's the end of the school year and of course the kids have field day and parties galore going on. Then I need my ME time ;) I'm really going to get back into blogging this coming week. My camera is overloaded though with pictures I cannot wait to write about.
So to all my followers please don't give up on me just yet!

Also, Welcome to my newest blog follower my sister! She started her own blog today and is now following mine. Hi sister! Good luck with your journey and glad we can share our lives through writing since we live so far away from each other.

Update on my goals from way back April

April Personal:

*Continue Running and training for races...Ongoing, may run this next weekend my longest race yet stay tuned
*Keep Rock Climbing...taking a little break in May for race training
*Attend a few functions at church
*Teach boys about Holy Week and Resurrection of Jesus
*Practice sports at home..ongoing so not going to mark off


*Finish A tree grows in Brooklyn
*Freezer Meals and how to plan ahead
*The Room
*Book Club Book...ongoing

...May is almost over so not going to do my monthly goals at this point. The only thing I can say about May is I started the month out by running the Cherry Creek Sneak. Which is a very popular 5k run in Denver. I ran my best run time to date of 31 minutes. That's finally a 10 minute mile. The last time I ran a 10 minute mile was a VERY long time ago, like middle school! I will continue to try and get up to a 8 or 9 minute mile. Which most of you know I have always been a sprinter so this long distance thing is so new to me. Don't think for a minute I have given up sprinting either, I'm still fast ;) Maybe one day while I run sprints up our hill, I will get sponsored by some random running scout. That would be such a dream for me!!

OK, it's close to my bedtime and I'm reading a great book so I will continue blogging next week. Missed you all.