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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Issaquah High School Lip Dub- "I Gotta Feeling"

When I hear Black Eyed Peas, " I got a feeling" on the radio I think of this. I like it because this is the high school I attended from 1994-1998! Yes, I know I'm young! I wish that we thought of something like this. I think this is so amazing that an entire school can get along and come together to produce something so special. If you look up other lip sync's they are not as good as this. Congrats ISSY for doing this and getting recognized. Go Issaquah Indians! (I know they are no longer Indians but it will always be to me).

My new addiction!

I don't watch much TV, just an hour or two in the evening. But I have to say I have been obssessed with the Real Housewives of..pick a city and I watch it. But NOW I am so happy Big Brother 12 has started a few weeks ago. I've been busy so didn't get to see the show when it first aired. I got caught up online. I just love that show. This season everyone from day one has started with a lie. Day 2 we already have Brenchal, which is Brenden and Rachel showmance. Then week 4 we have another secret showmance with Hayden and Kristin. This show cracks me up. To top it all off half the house are self proclaimed geniuses. Lane cracks me up, this guy is from Texas and he is 100% redneck! The compatitions are amazing. Some day I wish I could go on this show and just have fun. I don't know if I could be away from my family though for up to 3 months. They are filmed 24/7 even in the bathroom, sleeping and you are not allowed to take off your microphone! If you look at the application online it tells you all the rules, they are brutal. I guess that's why it's a hot show.
If you aren't watching this summers showmances, lies and betrayel you are missing out! Sunday, Wed, Thurs evening on CBS. You will love it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A blessing!

I got a call on Friday early evening from Judy the registrar at Platte River Academy. This is the school Dylan is going to. She informed me that a 2nd grade class spot opened up and Tanner's name was pulled! This was a bittersweet moment. There are many mixed feelings about public/charter schools and as everyone knows Tanner has struggled in school for a while now. He is on an ILP and has worked with his past teacher to meet his goals. I wasn't sure if a smaller school would be able to meet our needs. I talked to a few teachers that work for neither school and got some feedback.
I called this morning and talked with the Special Ed teacher that handles ILP students and asked her a ton of questions and told her all my concerns. She was amazing! I think I almost started crying at how much she told me they care and support the students. We DO NOT get that at WildCat elementary!
I feel like this is a GOD sent blessing! Not only is it incredible hard to get into this school, some people are on the waitlist for YEARS! Dylan and Tanner both got picked in the same year. My life is going to be so much easier because of this blessing!
Now what to do with my few hours of FREE mom time without the boys??

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Pictues

Dylan at poolPetting zooPeople's Fair

It's been a while!

I have the blogger itch again..I know I'm bad at posting but hey it's more for me than anyone else. I know that maybe 1 person my mother reads this. I talk to my mom on the phone all the time so she barely come on here either.
Well my life has been crazy this summer! After our trip to see my parents in Arizona we have been hanging out at the pool almost everyday. Not much else you can do when the weather is 100 degrees. So yes we all have great tans going on. I think people look so much better with a tan! I think I will always be addicted to the sun even with cancer making a headway.
Let's start with updates of the family...Tanner is getting a lot better at his reading, although it's pulling teeth to get him to read and do homework when he rather be outside playing. He is currently in Florida with the in-laws. I'm sure he's being so spoiled too. Tanner has been a little fish in the pool, and plays catch almost everyday, yet he doesn't want to play baseball. He's excited for another season of soccer to start.  Tanner starts second grade in a few weeks. He is so excited. I have a feeling he is going to get another great teacher.

Dylan is still a big talker. He talks from the moment he wakes up to the moment his head hits the pillow. He sometimes makes up stories I think just to hear himself talk. He is very animated too, with the raise of the eyebrows and big smile. When he's in another room playing he even talks to himself. I find it hilarious! I do admit at times it drives me NUTS! He has really enjoyed his summer of swimming, and just plan running around. He has had a few friends come play and a few birthday parties to attend.  Dylan is currently playing Tball this summer and he likes it. He doesn't really like me to attend, I think I embarress him from my cheering. Whereas dad just watches and throws a few pointers here and there. After Tball not sure what the little guy is going to do. School starts for Dylan just before Tanner. Dylan is going to PRA and is so excited. He's not to thrilled about the uniform but hey he won't have wardrobe issues this year. Dylan is currently obsessed with  Under Armour clothes and Hurley shirts. Not sure where he gets that from?

Roger is working away at the Marriott still. He has applied to a few new places but no luck. He keeps his eyes and ears open for things. We love Denver but dont' think he will move up in the industry at this property and surrounding hotels. A move might be in the future. Roger is still at the Museum and Sanctuary on weekends and he is enjoying it. On days during the weekend he has house projects he wants to do so he's constantly either reading a book on it or at Lowes/Home Depot. I swear we have talked about upgrading almost anything and everything in our house and maybe 1 thing has gotten done. I hope he gets it figured out soon, so we can enjoy it before we sell it!

Last but not least myself...Well still same old stuff. I just love being a stay at home mom. I feel so blessed to get to feed, dress and take my kids on fun things to do everyday. I would just hate being at a job right now.  I will be volunteering a lot more this year and really get involved at both schools. For the summer I have put my other volunteer work on the back burner but plan on filling it back up once the boys are in school. I have a deep desire to do a mission trip. I don't think I will have the money to do Africa like I would hope to but maybe Mexico. Our church does some missions in the U.S that I will check out too. I took time off from Bible study and have been recently checking on new topics the church is doing, maybe that can fit in this year too??  I have been getting out this summer every evening with Tanner and my friend Lisa running a few miles. Tanner rides his bike in front of us, he loves it. He asks me every afternoon, "mom are we working out tonight with Lisa?"  I love his passion for exercise. I'm also back in Pilates classes, just love it! Once the boys are in school I will actually get to workout alone for as long as I want! On Sunday's I still try and do the day of rest. We have been enjoying the backyard of our neighbors with a bbq, s'mores and some good wine. When it rains we play Taboo....If your not playing Taboo you are missing out. My favorite game to date.
I've actually been looking forward to that the most! I am also wanting to plan a girls weekend trip to Vegas, I've never been. I've never been on a girls trip nor to Vegas! I need both bad!
That's the family update.
God Bless. Nicole