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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Water For Elephants

March book club we read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I honestly didn't think that I would like a book about the circus. I started the book after having it sit on my night stand for about a week, I read the first couple pages and set it down. Read it again a few nights later and got HOOKED. Jacob is the main character who will do just about anything to ride this train and be in the circus just to keep away from going home. This includes shoveling poop and feeding hungry cats. But of course when you fall in love with a married women the plot thickens! Water for Elephants is a great book with a fantastic ending.
Water for Elephants will also be made into a movie staring Robert Pattinson as Jacob. I'm so there!
If you need a good yet different read or a book for book club this one is it!
Happy Reading!

Missing Home

Most of you all know that I'm from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, a small town called Issaquah. Issaquah is about 30 minutes East of Seattle. I grew up in Issaquah from the time I started 7th grade at Pine Lake Middle School with my BFF's Lauren and Bekah. What I love so much about home is the friends, the family, the friendly people, the fact they know how to drive, sometimes the rain and walking in the drains while it's pouring down rain, Greenlake, Going to Mariner's games, the sun in
August and September, the bars and just hanging out. I am really missing home right now and am dying to go back. Since Roger is the only one really working the housing there is way out of our budget. If I could go back I would:
Map out all the best Hiking spots
Snow Ski
Get on Water Skis again
Get in touch with old friends for girls night and meet there kids...Anna and Kelsey that means you!
Photograph everything I took for granted
See more history of the state
Travel more West and South of my comfort zone
Go to Joker Pub..I know I would run into a million Issy HS peeps!

OH Issaquah how I miss you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Lord's Prayer

Each week at school Dylan is to memorize a phrase or prayer from The Bible. This month's prayer is The Lord's Prayer. Written on paper this is a long prayer but of course saying it it's pretty short. Yesterday after school Dylan told me he wanted to do this one cause the reward was a piece of candy. The kid will do anything to get a piece of candy, he's learned to be quite the negotiator. Watch out priceline guy!
Anyway, so I wrote down the prayer and read it to Dylan numerous times. I have to say he is doing so good, but it's got to be the funniest thing listening to him say it, he has a hard time with TH, it comes out F instead. For example, Thy name is my name, give us this day our daily breaf.
I will see if I can record it on my phone and post for you all. It will be a great laugh.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes

For all you Bachelor and bachelorette show lovers...I just watched the behind the scenes episode. I love these episodes the most, you get to see how people really are, the drama, the lies, the Sex!
So the average amount of sex partners for the bachelor is 3 and Bob got 5 1/2 (not sure about the 1/2)! Does this go for the women too?
Trista and Ryan are the perfect show couple, Jason is the creep who dumped Melissa on the after the rose ceremony, We have the jerk and more recently we have:
Ali the Cry baby, yet the new Bachelorette. I found her to be good for Jake and was sad to see her leave but the crying! Let's see how she does on her new episode.
Vienna the villian and annoying one we didn't want Jake to pick! I think Vienna looks like a transvestite and since the show I do believe that she has had some work done. I do hope that they get out of the spotlight soon, I find them annoying.
Now bring on better shows like, gossip girl and Real Housewives!

Friday, March 12, 2010

When enough is enough!

Tanner is very easy to get along with, he's not perfect and he is a little immature for his age. But he has a lot of friends. Yet, his bully finally got to all of us. The bully next door neighbor threw a ball at Tanner's face twice while playing the other day. I could hear Tanner crying and screaming in the street so I ran out there and finally put my foot down!
I yelled at the boy to lay off and if he didn't want to play nicely to just stay inside and leave us alone. I told him he was a tattle tale and that we (Tan and I) were now going to tattle on him and tattle on everything he does! I could see the fear in his eyes!
I went inside and I was the "talk" of all the kids. I heard one say that I was scary. I felt bad, but at the same time I felt like maybe this will get them to leave Tanner alone.
Not only did I feel good to finally let him know that this was the end of his bullying but I told Tanner to stick up for himself! My moto: Don't ever start a fight, but end it!
I thought I would get a call from some neighbor parents but not a word! I think that most of the neighbors would pat me on the back for finally putting the boy in his place!
This neighbor boy actually has improved his attitude slightly. He is nicer when he knows I'm listening.


It's that time of year again...When sports for the boys start. Tanner has chosen to play soccer. This will be his second season and he is so excited. Tanner has even decided to play soccer year round. I do wish he would stay with baseball, he is so good. Tanner has also expressed interest in Football, but being that he is all bones, I told him only flag football until he put on some weight. So keep an eye out for some soccer mom pics, soccer starts next week!
Dylan is continuing with T-ball, which he likes a lot. He changes his mind everyday on what he wants to do besides that. So for now T-ball and maybe some summer camps that are more educational.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Club

I love my book club, it's a bunch of my friends that meet once a month and drink wine and gossip! Well after a few hours of that we do talk about the book and we have really read some good stuff. I am really expanding from my norm on book genre too. For Jan. we read Dear John as I'm sure a lot of other book clubs did as well. The group was split on this romance novel. I loved it but I cried a lot. Our plan was to see the movie as a group after but the majority of us are to embarressed to go and cry in public!! I'll have to watch it at home alone!
February we read Loving Frank. I was not a huge fan of it but I pushed through it. The ending was good and I was actually intrigued to find out more about Frank Lloyd Wright. He did build some amazing houses. I do not agree with him being a nice man. He did some shadey stuff. I do recommend for book club though.
For March we are reading Water for Elephants. I am pretty excited about this.
For those of you that may not know this check out your local libraries and they will most likely have a book club kit for you to check out. My library has this, over 200 titles! We get a big bag full of 8 books, discussion questions and book facts! Water for elephants is the first one we are doing of this but love it so far. Very convinent.
If you are a reader or in a book club I am always open for some suggestions!


It's finally March! That could mean a ton of different things for many different kinds of people. March Madness basketball, beginning of spring, spring break... I like all of these things but my favorite thing about March is St. Patrick's Day! I decorate in Green, I wear spirit shirts, I drink green beer, I paint my face and wear temp tatoos. I go ALL out in every way for this holiday! SO keep your eye out for lots of green recipes, and me dressed up.