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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Goals

I have been so busy lately that I've really let things slide. But who doesn't do that. The boys have lots of homework and I've really taken more time for myself outside of the home so baking and blogging has been put to the side.
Here's January.

Workout...being easy on the foot
Work on: Road Rage....Still working on it, but I've gotten better
Swearing....continuing working on this but much better!
Yelling (yes, I yell)....Been way better on this too but still needs work

More nutritious meals...ongoing
Introduce a new food   my kids are very picky this isn't easy

I'd like to have no more fighting, tattle tailing or lying...ongoing
Implement a new discipline technique (I'm open for suggestions)

Girl that played with fire
Bible (1 year)
The Double Bind...may not finish, it's not very good

February Goals:

Continue P90x workouts
Continue learning to Snowboard
Bible Study
Still fit in Volunteering
Get Passport

Red Velvet cupcakes with Butter cream Icing
Something new
Start menu/meal planning again

Get them reading chapter books


Monday, January 30, 2012

P90x Weeks 2 & 3 done

I have just started week 4 of P90x and I feel great! I thought that there was just not much more I could do for my body after running and the fitness challenge I did last fall. But my body just keeps changing!I am so much stronger in so many areas.
I used to do gymnastics for years and I lost a lot of my flexibility, with P90x I'm doing old gymnastic moves, can stand on one foot longer and god help me I will do a Crane for longer then 2 seconds!

I'd love to see more work done on my core and have the u in my arms. I'm super excited to see what inches I've lost as well. I'll measure myself again this weekend and update everyone. I may take pictures or I might wait until week 6 to do that.

2 of the girls started 2 days before me, so to get caught up with them. Today I did the 1 1/2 hours of Yoga. then moved on to the hour long shoulders and arms video. That was hard. I skipped over the breaks and did the entire thing in 30 minutes including the bonus round. My arms felt like Jello for a while afterwards.

I'm super grateful for the girls I workout with, I don't know if I would be this dedicated without them. I'm also going to try and incorporate running more into the workouts. I do run from my house to my friends each day but it's just down 2 streets. It's enough to get my heart rate up and test my speed.

I'm just so super excited to see what we all look like after the 12 weeks. Due to me being gone with P90x workouts, volunteering and chores I've had very limited time to bake, cook or do much of anything else. I do hope to bake a few new things sometime soon, so I can blog!
Stay with me people!!

Anyone else doing P90x or another workout?
If you have done P90x before I'd love to hear what you think of it. What were your results?


Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas

I have Valentine's Day on the brain today. I am in this rut of wanting to change everything in my house. But with being on a budget and all I have to be crafty. I plan on pulling out my V-day decorations for my front table here this week to look at something new.
Here are the things I made last year.

Felt Heart

Teacher's Cookies

Rosette Balls

And this year I will START (but won't finish before V-Day) this wonderful looking wreath below.

I love wreaths and wish I had more time to make them. This one though I cannot wait to make. The plan is to have it on my door each year for Valentine's day and the rest of the year it will be in my guest bathroom. Why? because the decor is red and it will fit perfectly on the 1 plain wall left in the small room. If all goes as planned.

Happy Crafting! Do you have a Valentine's Decor you plan on making this year? Or that you made in the past? Feel free to post the link in the comments!! I love to be inspired.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

1 week down...

and 11 more weeks to go! With P90X that is. I am currently involved with 3 other ladies doing the P90X challenge.
We join in the mornings in my friends basement and workout. She has all the equiptment you need to do the workouts, so it's so nice. So far it's been great.
The workouts seem pretty easy while you are doing them but man oh man are you sore the next day!
With the legs workout I couldn't sit or walk normal for 3 days!
I took my measurements and body fat yesterday and I'm so excited to see what trasformation I will have at the end of the challenge.
I did run on the treadmill doing intervals on Friday and I so miss running so I am going to try and run twice a week along with P90X.

Has anyone else done P90X?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Christmas {2011}

I'm a bit behind on downloading my pictures from Dec. so bare with me!

We had a very different Christmas this time around then past years. I would have to say it was awesome! Let me explain why we ended up doing things different.
I have not family that lives in CO, we are all spread out. My hubby's side is half in MS and his dad lives here part of the time and in FL the other half. So it ended up being we were home alone. Well besides the girlfriend in law and we saw her on Xmas eve.

I thought after being with family for the last 8 years, we would try doing it just the 4 of us and start new traditions or continue childhood traditions.

On Christmas Eve our events went as follows:

Brunch with the neighborhood

Small Nap


Party at my girlfriends

we then came home and let the boys open 1 gift. Every year they get a pair of Xmas pj's. Since they are so tall now they  no longer get the footie ones. My mom sent them a pair this year and they are so soft and cozy.
We set out Egg nog and cookies for Santa

Christmas morning I grew up that we had to eat breakfast before opening gifts. I hated that, it was torture waiting to see what you got! I pulled it off for the last couple years and decided...Presents first!
Believe it or not we woke up before the boys. When they ran down the stairs as fast as they could they looked through there stockings while we poured our coffee.
I handed out gifts to the boys, they had to open most of them at the same time, cause they got very similar gifts (ie: video games, spy goggles).
Rog and I open after the boys.

After it's all picked up, the boys play while I cook up the usual:

Scrambled Eggs


Cinnamon rolls (usually homemade, but not this year)
with of course Mimosa's or Moscato for the adults.

This year we had a white Christmas so we took the boys sledding. I haven't sled in many many years. It was so much fun!

After sledding we came home and made dinner.

Green bean casserole

Candied yams


Mashed potatoes...I rock at this!

Stuffing out of a box, it was actually so good!

This meal is pretty traditional for me. Rog usually has a bit more southern style foods but we didn't go there this year.
We then pigged out on all the cookies and candy we got from friends. I was in bed early, the day seemed pretty long.

We had a fantastic Christmas and I cannot wait to continue traditions and start new ones.

Here are some of the better pictures.

                                                                  It was only Candy!
                                            Excited he got a Xbox Kinect
                                               Got my Coach Watch!! He listened ;)

                        This one actually broke the sled...No not cause I was heavy it was cracked before hand.
Down to one sled that made you ride backwards most of the time.

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas pictures.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheesy Chili Rellenos

 Step 1: cut cheese in strips. We use Colby and cheddar cheeses.
 Step 2. Roast chili's under broiler until soft. Put in paper bag.
 Step 3: Take out seeds and peel skin off
 Step 4: Put chili on Won ton Wrapper
 Step 5: Put your desired amount of cheese in middle of chili.
 Step 6: Wrap  up chili
 Step 7: Put in deep fryer until all golden brown
Step 8: Add cheese and sour cream on top and Enjoy!

I love this meal, but it does take time to make. I hope you enjoy it.
Do you have a favorite Chili Relleno recipe? Post a link in my comment box for all of us to look at.


Monday, January 2, 2012

January Goals

Well 2011 has come to an end! I really tried hard to end the year with not much to drag into 2012 with. Nov and Dec. were a bit challenging for me so I pray this new year will be awesome. Recap of my December goals first then my new years goals! NO not resolutions I don't do those.

Start slowly back into running/working out  broken foot, did a bit of biking
Try and control my road rage continuing
Attend church every Sunday this month plus Xmas eve

Make my 1st full Christmas dinner myself
Christmas cookies

To be thankful (especially when they get clothes for Christmas)
Start a new Tradition for the holiday's

Books: Complete list here
A Reliable Wife
Living Closer to God

January Goals:

Workout...being easy on the foot
Work on: Road Rage
                Yelling   (yes, I yell)

More nutritious meals
Introduce a new food

I'd like to have no more fighting, tattle tailing or lying
      Implement a new discipline technique  (I'm open for suggestions)

Girl that played with fire

I'm setting the bar pretty high to the start of my year. I hope I can achieve at least half or more of these goals.
If anyone has set these goals for themselves before I'd love to hear what worked or didn't work for you. My top priority is to stop yelling then I will stop swearing. I swear when I yell and I usually yell and swear at people that drive!

Happy New Year! I'd love to hear what you all are doing this year.